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Grandpa Cratchet Stage Show
Watch Out! Construction On the Grounds This Year – Come Prepared!

Come to this year’s event prepared to encounter some construction taking place at a special location on the grounds at our upcoming event! It’s a good kind of construction, one you and your kids will love. It’s the Granpa Cratchet Construction Company, with his big stage show: Granma’s Birthday Surprise. Its Granma’s birthday and Granpa and his side kick Cousin Clem have decided to remodel Granma’s house as a big birthday surprise. Its slapstick, comedy for the whole family as Granpa and Clem manage to get every wire, pipe and gadget crossed that can be.

If you haven’t yet met Granpa Cratchet let me fill you in. He’s a the quint-essential senior citizen, full of life, lots of energy and old fashioned ways, yet always adventurous to discover something new and fun. He’s a professional, puppet like you would see on TV or at the movies. In fact millions of people have seen Granpa on the internet and on TV all across the world on all the major networks. He has four appearances on the Today Show, also on Good Morning America, Entertainment tonight, in specials with Barbara Mandrel and in hundreds of local television shows, radio shows and in the newspapers. For over thirty years now Granpa has been entertaining and teaching kids of all ages. Granpa has six touring shows that teach the kids a great lesson all while entertaining them with his live show. He’s always constructing something new in the hearts and minds of millions of kids he meets all across the country every year.

Your kids will love Granma’s dog FeeFee, who chews up Granpa’s instructions. This twenty minute show filled with fast paced, slapstick, audience participation will teach your kids a great lesson; Follow Your Instructions, and wow them with an explosive ending. Literally! It’s all free, brought to you by our event and all our fine sponsors as our way of saying “Thank You!” for coming our and supporting our event.

Your kids can have a blast with Granpa on the internet by going to and watching over fifty great short videos on agriculture, pets and interesting subjects that teach your kids and are just a lot of fun. Your kids can play video games with Granpa at and you can even join Granpa on Facebook and follow him all across the country. You can go to our event web site and click on the Granpa button. Your kids can even go to a Granpa’s camp where they can see how it’s all done behind the scenes and help Granpa create his TV show.
Watch out for Granpa as he travels around our grounds in his construction and home remodeling repair truck, giving out estimates, repair tips and lots of silly one-liners from the good ole days, all teaching Follow Your Instructions.

The Granpa Construction Puppetmobile

Come to this year’s event prepared to encounter some construction taking place on the grounds. Its Granpa driving around in his miniature construction truck giving out construction tips, free remodeling estimates and lot’s of one liners from the good ole days. It’s all part of the free shows you can see going on at our event this year. Granpa will be inviting you to visit him on YouTube or at his big stage show that takes place everyday on our grounds. Your kids will love following Granpa around the grounds in his miniature construction truck and they can follow him all across the country by joining thousands of others on his face book page.

Adults love Granpa as he teaches the kids the importance of following instructions. Watch out though, his miniature truck sometimes springs a leak and unexpectedly squirts water right out into the crowd. Granpa claims to be a good plumber, too, but we’ll see how that works out in his big stage show. Granpa has been seen by millions of kids all around the world at events like ours on virtually every major network and now you’ll get to be with him up close and personal at our event. Granpa loves to shake hands, give out hugs and pose for photographs with your kids.

Kids today have so many entertainment choices and so often that entertainment is empty of real lessons the kids can take home with them and live, but no so with Granpa. Granpa says every time kids visit him they always learn something new they can remember and live by. He says God made Grandpa’s and Grandma’s to help moms and dads raise the next generation full of sugar and good lessons from the good ole days that will help them live good lives. This award winning show is made available to you as part of our event’s free on grounds entertainment and is paid for by our fine sponsors as our way of caring about your children and saying “Thank you!” for coming out and supporting our event.

You can learn more about Granpa by going to our web site and clicking on the Granpa button. Your kids will be able to watch videos and play video games with Granpa. Of course, they always teach a great lesson. You can also go to and watch hundreds of videos that teach all about farm life, inventions and the good old days.

Granpa says, “All you out there make sure and come see me at the fair and make sure and pay up your pedestrian insurance in case I forget my glasses. Hey, if you don’t like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk!” Your kids can even go to a Granpa camp and see how it’s all done behind the scenes and be part of producing a skit on the Granpa Cratchet Allstar TV Network. Just visit our web site and click on the Granpa button and then make sure and come out and see him live at this year’s event.

It’s all part of the free entertainment brought to you by our event and all our fine sponsors.

Tues-Thursday:  strolling mobile show 6 and 8  pm;  stage show at 7 and 9 pm.  Friday: Strolling mobile show 6, 8 and 10, stage show at 7 and 9.   Saturday:  strolling mobile show at 5, 7 and 9 pm, stage show at 6, & 8 pm